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    Appalachian Craft Soda is small-batch brewed to the highest standards using only the finest ingredients. We use natural sweeteners like pure cane sugar, stevia and honey for legendary flavor in every sip! Naturally gluten-free and caffeine-free, you’ll feel good every time you share our products with friends and family of all ages!


    Other varieties and flavors of Appalachian Craft Soda are offered from our brew pub fountains!

    Appalachian Craft Cola
    Appalachian Diet Cola
    Appalachian Citra

    Lily 2019LILY’S SODAS

    When Lily was a 4th grader in Carrie Tafoya's class, Carrie would always say "That Lily Jordan is feisty!", "She marches to her own drum!", and "She questions everything!" These turned out to be the perfect traits in someone fighting cancer as a 13-year-old. Lily of famed Lily's Soda was an inspiration to many inside and outside our company. She met with our team just 2 weeks prior to her passing to pick the next Lily's Soda "Orange Cranberry", she always took the responsibility of tasting the soda to make sure the best possible beverage was served as her own!

    Due to Lily's endorsement Appalachian Brewing Company has donated over $10,000 to The Child Life Program at Hershey Med Cancer Center. This program was always near and dear to Lily's heart. She felt like it helped her and her family get through the first part of her treatment. From there, she helped so many other while never thinking of herself.

    We are all heartbroken that our good friend Lily Jordan will no longer be with us. Lily was a true fighter in every sense of the word, and had more courage in her young life than most of us will ever know. Her legacy is a standard of fighting that will inspire anyone battling cancer — or any challenge, for that matter. She will surely be missed, but her legacy lives on through Lily's Soda!



    Our Brewery Direct program allows loyal customers to purchase beer and sodas directly from Appalachian Brewing Company. We currently offer 1/2 and 1/6 kegs and full cases of your favorite ABC product through this program which allows you to have the freshest beer and soda possible! You might event find other varieties of specialty beers that might not be available at your local retailer! For more information about this program or to place an order feel free to email


    If you own a business in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Vermont, South Carolina and beyond – our products can be ordered through our quality wholesale partners today! Are you a wholesaler interested in offering Appalachian Craft Soda to your retail customers? Please email to learn more!

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